Control 4 Home Automation

What do you use your Control4 System for?

  • Master Control my home theatre, TV and stereo.
  • Lighting control on our main floor.  The areas of the home we live in most have C4 light switches set at desired lighting levels.  For example, we don’t need 100% brightness in our living room, so we set it at 68% to save energy.  All rooms are set at lower levels and we still have ample light. Saving energy = saving money.
  • When I pause a movie to go to the kitchen, the TV room lights automatically turn on and when I come back and hit play, the lights turn back down.

What is your favorite part about your Control4 System?

  • My favorite part is the all-in-one remote control.  I can use it on any of the 3 floors in the house, look up music by artist or albums and play as needed.  I don’t need to be in the same room!
  • 2nd favorite is the interface with my smartphone and tablet.  The album art for all my music and movies is right there.
  • I can control the music in all my rooms with the remote or app. It comes in handy when I entertain, as each zone has it’s own volume level setting.
  • My entire A/V system and Control4 hub is hidden. All you see is my TV & Speakers!

Was it easy to setup?

  • All the programming of my remote controls and sequences were done by the store installer.
  • He also updated my smart phone and tablet to use as an additional controller (visual remote control) that I can use anywhere in the house.
  • He did everything on the same day and I was using it that evening.

What did you need to set it up?

  • HDMI cable and a component cable was all I needed to connect to my existing components.
  • C4 also included extra IR buds that were attached to all my components.

How does it make your life easier?

  • Only one remote
  • Control anywhere in the house
  • It’s a visual control system
  • My wife loves it and my 4 year old can control it too!

What components do you have in your setup?

I have a receiver, blu-ray player, Apple TV box, Cable PVR, and a Movie server all controlled by my C4 Home Controller

Would you like to add to your setup in the future?

On my future wish list is to automate my garage door, add a front door camera/intercom system, and coded door locks.  Then at night I can hit the “Good Night” button and my doors will lock and lights will turn off with one touch.

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